The Spirit of Difficult Spelling

This desk-bound still life shows just how badly I need to declutter my desk.  The Spirit of Ecstasy (or is that Ecstacy?) is cheek by wing against a letter rack, clock, and post card of the Winged Victory of Samothrace.  I bought the Spirit from someone who sells bits of old cars, and it is infinitely more elegant than a petrol cap.  It would seem, of course, to have been severed from a Rolls Royce.

I realise Rolls Royces are now the preserve of slightly hilarious businessmen and oil sheikhs (or is that sheiks? or shayks? or shaikhs? etc. etc.).  However, the Spirit sets a good example for car mascots (or is it hood ornaments?).  There should be more statues on the fronts of cars.  I for one would like the Trevi fountain on the bonnet (or hood?) of our Toyota.  However, I suspect it would present a ‘penetration hazard’ for other cars and pedestrians, and might compromise our fuel economy and front springs.

Spirit of ecstacy


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