Strelitzia reginae

It took a lot to get the 8 year old me interested in flowers.  My grandmother pulled this achievement off by raising a prodigious crop of Bird of Paradise flowers.  A resemblance to a carnivorous predator is a fine feature in a flower, viewed from the perspective of a young blood-thirsty child.

I protected my grandmother’s flowers from snails by various vigorous methods that even today make me flush with guilt.


Scarecrow birdfeeder

A nearby neighbour has hung a very stylish bird feeder off her balcony.  It is beautiful, but suffers from one significant drawback: it appears to terrify the birds.  They never eat from it.

I also saw these rather stylish breeze blocks on a back wall in South Melbourne.

Bird feeder paintingBreeze blocks

Into the forest dim …

I understand that an effective way to avoid buying things you cannot afford is to make a picture of the thing you desire.  Apparently it helps you see it more objectively.  I painted this emerald and, so far, I have not bought one.

I have never wished to own the Irvine Street Drain, but I also took a photo of it on a sunny afternoon.

Emerald redux

Merri Creek