Add another one to the pile

Everyone gets around to painting Gloucester Massachusetts sometime or another.  Even people who don’t paint do.  Another difficulty is that the town looks like an Edward Hopper painting.  So no matter how you paint it, it seems to end up looking like a Hopper.  At least that’s my excuse for this picture of sun on the wall of a building in Gloucester.  As for the thing on the right, I think it is a small flag pole holder.


The beauty in discarded sweet wrappers

John Bayley says that Iris Murdoch used to collect bits and pieces of trash from the footpath, till her pockets fairly bulged with stuff.  It seems she did this out of compassion for objects that had been cast aside by previous owners.  So she amassed a huge collection of pen lids, fag ends, foil and bits of glass.

A glint of sun off a Violet Crumble wrapper caught my eye.  It may have been garbage to somebody, but to me it was beautiful … as well as being garbage.  For fear of infection, and because I am a greedy guts, I bought a new Violet Crumble, ate it and painted the wrapper.  Amelia said the first draft looked like a purple turd, so I opened the end of the wrapper a little wider in imitation of Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa, and had another go.


The other professional wrestling

Ernest Hemingway counselled male readers (naturally) never to attend a bullfight with their wives.  Apparently after she has seen a matador in action, a wife will never look at her husband the same way again (according to Ernest).  Presumably this does not apply if you are a matador.  I attended the sumo wrestling at Ryogoku with Katrina, as well as Amelia.  Should I be worried?  By the way, it is the most exciting sport and I cannot recommend the big boys enough.  I was not, however, so excited that it prevented me capturing the key details as I saw them …

Sumo tournament

If only all bottle shops looked like this

Paper screens look beautiful but are not very robust.  If you were building a brewery, you wouldn’t make the windows out of paper.  In the essay In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki makes the excellent but obvious point that fake paper screens made out of frosted glass look ghastly.  The Morita Shuzo sake brewery is in Kurashiki.  The Moritas solved the problem by installing rippled glass; the light shines through but an aura of mystery is maintained.  This is what it looks like.

Morita Shuzo