Looking upwards from the troglodyte world

Being deprived of shopping and restaurants, it turns out, makes you intensely appreciate clouds and good quality streaming services.

I know I will disappoint devotees of flat earth theory, but I can see only two explanations for why this cloud above Chelsworth Park was brightly lit by the sun when the Park below it was drenched in deepening twilit darkness. Either the world is round, or it is bowl shaped and I was in the bottom of the bowl. I have my money on it being round.

Climbing the butter mountain

It turns out that painting butter is very difficult. If I had known how difficult, I would have painted something easier – like the Taj Mahal. I almost gave in and turned it into a (much simpler) block of cheese, but I would have lost all self respect.

I did a monochrome underpainting, but did not photograph it. Here is the picture with the colour removed, to give you an idea what it looked like. Mmm … the butter looks kind of … cheesy.

Olive oil on canvas

Luckily for my wallet I have a democratic mouth. When I used to have a pair of drinking pants, cheap wine always tasted just as good as expensive wine – and it was cheaper. Same with olive oil.

I could, however, not resist this ruinously expensive bottle of olive oil. I bought it at the ‘classier’ of the local supermarkets. The one that plays European muzak rather than the greatest hits for the 80s and 90s. One memorable shopping trip there I saw a man dancing Apache with his trolley in the Jams and Spreads aisle, as they played one of the Gypsy Kings more racy tunes.

Screwdrivers at rest

It has been my invariable habit to buy screwdrivers based solely on how visually appealing their handles are. I am very drawn to transparent plastic handles in red, green, orange and yellow. I do not know why Stanley and others make their handles out of plastic that looks like clear toffee, but I am grateful that they do.

I possess some beautiful screwdrivers and some appalling DIY projects.