Carpenter’s pencil

Flat, so they do not roll away.  I get that is handy for carpenters, but what about the rest of us?  I think we could all benefit from applying this design principle in our every day lives.  I shall begin with peas.

Carpenter's pencil



A shocking truth about fire helmets

I have commented before about the difficulty of painting copper.  Brass, it turns out, is no easier.  This is an old brass New South Wales Fire Brigade helmet.  It is modelled on the UK Merryweather helmet, which was in turn based on the helmets of the French Sapeurs-pompier, which were in turn based on (of all things) cavalry helmets.  Of course, nothing says ‘fire’ like a cavalry charge.  The cavalry helmets were in turn based loosely on ancient Greek and Roman helmets.  What examples, I wonder, did the Greeks and Romans have to base their words, helmets and ideas on?  Did they just make it all up from scratch?

Metal helmets are not good at protecting the wearer from electric shocks, in fact very not good at it.  In fact, they conduct electricity, so with the increased use of electricity in buildings these metal helmets passed into disuse.  Shocking but true.

Fire helmet