It’s nucleation, and it’s minty …

I initially called this painting of Diet Coke and Mentos ‘The calm before the storm.’  Then I discovered the Diet Coke/Mentos geyser effect only really works if you drop Mentos into the bottle.  It won’t happen in your stomach, or not much.

The geyser of bubbles is produced by nucleation on the surface of the Mentos.  In the absence of a Mentos, presumably your teeth supply the required nucleation for bubblation to occur.  It makes you think.

Diet Coke final

Orange is the new orange

The southern edge of Australia is sliding into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  The sun is maturing from bright yellowy white into orange.  It is getting colder.

Three slices of orange on a blue plate, as a languid Easter holiday afternoon draws to a close.


Chrome dome

Window shopping late at night, I saw this menacing chap in a shop that seemed to sell only bags and headphones.  Perhaps they were bags to put headphones in?

Shiny head

In the forest dim

Light and wind can be flukey on the forest floor.  Even when all is utterly still and silent, a single leaf starts to tremble wildly.  Or a speck of sunlight can choose to make just one leaf glow.

This is an oak leaf catching the sunrise near the Yarra River trail.

leaf 2