Chinese lantern in the gloaming

It may be because Melbourne is not hemmed by mountains to the west, but in summer the sunset lasts for hours. The gloaming usually begins lemon yellow and slowly intensifies through orange to red, to a ruddy burnt sienna, and then … black.

This is a Chinese lantern, illuminated from without by a fading sun.

A President and Annoying Orange

Gilbert Stuart’s portraits of George Washington (all 114 of them!) show an elderly man dealing with dental pain from ill-fitting dentures, and the cost exacted by years of bone-wearying work. Washington was a tired man and would die only a few years after his taciturn single session of posing for Stuart. Here he is next to Annoying Orange.

President and Annoying Orange. Oil on Cherry Tree.

Iso cube

Owning a single wooden block poses an unavoidable challenge: what do you do with it? As Spring has sprung and there is a whiff of oppressive heat to come soon, and I am forbidden to walk more than 5 kilometres from the front door, I made my own, unmeltable ice cube out of wood. I feel cooler already.

It began with this …
It ended with this …