So long Frank Lloyd Wright?

It is a pity that the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo was demolished.  Frank Lloyd Wright designed it to last, and it survived the Great Kanto Quake and the fire raids that destroyed almost everything else.  It did not, however, survive the 1960s.  Well, some of it did.  The main entrance area still stands just outside Nagoya, at Meiji Mura, in a sort of park full of ghost buildings.  Been?  If not, you should.  This is Katrina and Amelia walking around the park.

Meiji Mura

The schooner Amistad at Mystic

This is a painting of the schooner Amistad, in dock at Mystic, Connecticut.  This is not the original Amistad, but I understand it looks the same.  The original Amistad was seized in a mutiny by Africans who had been kidnapped into slavery and ended up in Connecticut.  The Supreme Court refused to regard these people as simply another part of the merchandise on the boat, and they were free to ‘go without delay.’  Unfortunately not many years later the same Court made the Dred Scott decision, which had a different ending.

Amistad, Mystic, Connecticut