It’s a hard world for little things

This is Pip, the young African-American deckhand in Moby Dick.  He has just realised Ahab is a maniac, violent death is a real possibility, and he is stuck in this impossible situation for the next three years.  Yes, three years!  And he is just a kid.  This is why we have child labour laws.  The picture was inspired by John Huston’s film; a perfectly composed masterpiece in every shot.

Pip from Moby Dick

I think bees are great

Went to a friend’s place recently and she kept bees.  They were so business-like, commuting back and forth from the hive.  It looked like a little airport, solely serviced by Tiger Air, except the planes were frequent and on time.

I tried painting some clouds.  It just wasn’t working.  So I got some beeswax, rubbed it straight onto the surface of the painting and rubbed like mad.  It gave a deep burnished shine and depth to the thing.   It really gave me a buzz.  The bees’ efforts fully warranted a gilt frame.  Thank you worker bees, you’re the bees’ knees.





Take me to your uncanny valley

Robots are designed to be cute, so you won’t feel so bad when one comes and takes your job.  Apparently it is common to attempt to design them to resemble babies, so eliciting a ‘goo gaa’ reaction as you receive your redundancy pay.  However, I have had a close look at robots and can only conclude that roboticists must have ugly babies.



Painting the house

The best thing about going away on holidays is coming home.  Well almost.  As we walked up to the front door, I was seized by the need to render the house in acrylics.  I didn’t even wait to unpack or wash.  When I stood back and looked at this picture, I realised how much our house looks like a shed.  Then it occurred to me: we live in a shed.