Le renard mort

Foxes are not native to Australia, but they do like it here and have been quite successful in the south-east.  From what I’ve seen, they are particularly partial to hoovering up possums like Kit Kats.  They can be beautiful, but are quite the pest.

This fellow’s luck ran out at the local golf club.  It’s not clear what killed him; perhaps someone shanked a drive on the 12th hole.  I sincerely doubt he was tracked down the high street by a pack of hounds and a field of horses and riders.  I’d have noticed that.

I offer apologies to Edgar Degas, Gustave Courbet, Winslow Homer and everyone else who has painted a dead fox.


Dead fox

4 thoughts on “Le renard mort

    1. When I got right up close to the fox his eyes were still open and he had a smiling sort of cunning look on his face. He looked alive and it was a little unnerving, but all was silence and nothing moved. Then a tiny white butterfly fluttered off his shoulder. It was as if he was off on his next journey.

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