You are invited to an exhibition …

If you are in Melbourne between 31 March and 14 April, you should go to Brunswick Street Gallery and see Emerge: Ninth Edition. It features some very talented artists … and me. Well, not actually me, rather six portraits I did of building workers in hi-vis, with their hair tied up in pandemic ponytails.

The details of the exhibition are on the Brunswick Street Gallery website: here

Architectural details

There do not seem to be many purely decorative details on modern houses. For some reason even the humblest house from the 1970s or earlier seemed to have a little non-functional statement. Here are pictures of two architectural details I noticed: one is big (a roof turbine), one is small (a grace note on a 1930s brick fence); and both are monumental.

A monumental rooftop turbine
a stylish flourish on a 1930s brick fence.

A building site in autumn

A long-dormant building site has erupted into life this autumn. The air is thick with dust and the ground is covered in industrial equipment in striking autumnal shades.

For reasons too boring to discuss, I am unable to lift a brush at the moment, so this is a painting that has been propped in a dark, cool corner for a good long while, biding its time.

“Walking past the building site I see cranes” Matsuo Basho (perhaps)

Anodised aluminium cups

A simple picture of a colourful nest of anodised aluminium cups at a friend’s beach shack. In my considerable experience of these things, every beach shack in Australia has a set of these cups. I expect you had to buy a set of them as a condition of the planning approval.

As shiny as the day they were made – and that day was a long time ago.

Snake Island, Ukraine … painted from television

I have not painted from television before, but I saw a view of Snake Island on the evening TV news and did this sketch of it from the screen.

The world does not need me to add to the mountains of words published about the awfulness that is spreading like a stain. I am heartbroken and appalled for the people who are suffering so much; I hope it ends soon and they can resume rich, peaceful lives.