Semaphore or metaphor?

Some people get very excited about changing the Australian flag. A person has to have a hobby, I suppose. Unfortunately most alternative designs offered look remarkably like cheap tea towels. Recently the string (lanyard? halyard?) on the Heidelberg Town Hall flagpole snapped and presented us with a tubular flag. Now that is an idea for a flag. It gave enigmatic flashes of bright red against a raggedy dark blue ground. In heraldic terms, I believe it would be called a blazon flatulent.

Thank you to my brother for the title to this post, which I promptly stole from him.

A gutter more decorative than usual

This orange flower confers a grace note on my favourite local gutter. It also posed a challenge for me to tame cadmium orange oil paint. I was told to use red to darken this paint, yellow to lighten it, and burnt umber to create shadows on it. I did. It came up good enough to eat, but I think I have enough cadmium in my diet already, so I passed.

Had a false start trying to use titanium white to lighten the orange cadmium – that emphatically did not work.