Time to polish the turd

I am yet to be convinced that the calendar clicking over to 1 January will solve all of the problems of late stage capitalism. However, friends, I do wish you happy times in the New Year, at a time when happy times have been in short supply.

This is a picture of a Japanese lucky golden turd money box. I know nothing of the genius who invented these (I am sure Dr Google can give you the full details), but I wanted my last posting for 2020 to be suitably festive. And this could not be more festive … or more suitable.

6 thoughts on “Time to polish the turd

  1. Thx Phil, Happy NY. Can’t help laughing at the money 💰 box. Ancient Chinese scholars used to advocate a value that perceives money as turd, not sure whether Japanese neighbors realizes this perception by an symbolic invention. 😉

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