Bathroom door in the afternoon

Another waypoint in my quest to paint more about less. This is the sunset grazing the bottom of our bathroom door.

“What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house.” Edward Hopper.

Well said, Ed.

A brawny red pepper

Dinner is often dictated by which vegetables at the supermarket would look best in a painting. Red peppers often feature … and then there was the durian incident.

I thought this fellow looked like a body builder, showing off impressive, bulging muscles that are just the tiniest bit futile.

The last oozing of the summer

I suspect the only way to capture the warm translucence of honey in a painting is through glazing. I practised glazing in several layers with transparent orange oil paint, using linseed oil and solvent as a medium, to capture this, the last honey of the summer.

My hope, one day, is to create, in Robert Hughes’s words, a painting that ‘holds time as a vase holds water’

Semaphore or metaphor?

Some people get very excited about changing the Australian flag. A person has to have a hobby, I suppose. Unfortunately most alternative designs offered look remarkably like cheap tea towels. Recently the string (lanyard? halyard?) on the Heidelberg Town Hall flagpole snapped and presented us with a tubular flag. Now that is an idea for a flag. It gave enigmatic flashes of bright red against a raggedy dark blue ground. In heraldic terms, I believe it would be called a blazon flatulent.

Thank you to my brother for the title to this post, which I promptly stole from him.

A gutter more decorative than usual

This orange flower confers a grace note on my favourite local gutter. It also posed a challenge for me to tame cadmium orange oil paint. I was told to use red to darken this paint, yellow to lighten it, and burnt umber to create shadows on it. I did. It came up good enough to eat, but I think I have enough cadmium in my diet already, so I passed.

Had a false start trying to use titanium white to lighten the orange cadmium – that emphatically did not work.

Le Hibou et la Poussiquette

Hibou et Minou allerent a la mer
Dans une barque peinte en jaune-canari;
Ils prirent du miel roux et beaucoup de sous
Enroules dans une lettre de credit.
Le hibou contemplait les astres du ciel,
En chantait, en grattant sa guitare,
“O Minou cherie, o minou ma belle,
O Poussiquette, comme tu es rare,
Es rare,
Es rare!
O Poussiquette, comme tu es rare!”

Francis Steegmuller

A rowing blade lifted, dripping, from a river (not the sea, alas).