On the fleeting nature of crockery

Good word ‘crockery’; it sounds exactly like the thing it denotes.

Instead of watching Farmer wants a wife on television, I made this copy of a still life by Felix Valloton. I learned a lot from doing it. I also decided that if I ever need to be reminded of the fragility of life, I just need to paint a picture of a piece of fine china. I am so easily distracted when washing dishes and – because distracted – clumsy, that no piece of crockery lasts long in our house.

No skulls needed when I paint a vanitas still life. A coffee cup will do.

7 thoughts on “On the fleeting nature of crockery

    1. Agreed: canvas is infinitely superior to a TV screen. You raise an interesting point about the handle: in the original, it looks like Valloton’s coffee cup has a sort of subsidiary handle below the main handle. I might be wrong, but it looks like it was designed to accommodate the pinky finger separately from the other fingers. Of course, it would not last one wash up session at my place!


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