Still life with a knife, wine and bread

My daughter was puzzled about why I had apparently set up my studio to celebrate a religious sacrament. I suppose in a way painting a still life is a form of meditation … and you get a souvenir painting when it is over.

Painted on a $2 canvas board from Arthur Daley’s on Swanston Street

6 thoughts on “Still life with a knife, wine and bread

    1. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you at what must be a very difficult time. I too am grateful for the awareness and mindfulness that comes from making and enjoying art.

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    1. Thanks Vivienne. There was a line in the documentary Searching for Sugarman where a former building worker described one of his old colleagues as approaching all their work like it was a sacrament. It is an interesting idea: any labour can have the meaning you invest in it. I am afraid I took too long to eat the bread: by the time I was finished it was like a brick! Still, the wine did not go stale, so that is something.


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