Amoeboid Whisp

Had to do some painting of the kind I am not so fond of. That is, I painted the bedroom. It seems paint companies employ people to come up with wacky and memorable names for housepaint. Two coats of Mass Destruction later, the walls look fine.

I have mentioned before the benefits of looking closely at children’s marbles. They are a cheap way into the art glass market. This is a close up look at a simple marble with a dramatic white swirly inclusion. I shall call it Amoeboid Whisp.

A tiny cloud at your finger tip

7 thoughts on “Amoeboid Whisp

  1. I remember my grandmother used to root cuttings in glass vases filled with water and a couple of inches of red marbles at the bottom. The water made the marbles glow. I always wanted a couple just to hold but Somehow I never got any of my own. Don’t know why. Anyway your painting expresses what I saw in them-magic.

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    1. Thanks Claudia. Water and glass is often a magical combination. I remember my first grade teacher used to keep flowers in a thick greenish glass vase at the front of the room. She would water them during class. I would stare the vase: suddenly I would be parched and could think of nothing better than a long cool drink of water. Maybe it is because young children are still adjusting to the world, but I seem to remember seeing things like this more intensely back then.


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