Sunset on the Volga or ars moriendi

I was window shopping for Soviet cars on car when I noticed a winsome GAZ Volga. The front seat had apparently been photographed in the late afternoon. It was almost like the car was aware its brand had gone extinct. This is my impression of it, complete with the shadow of a tumbtack holding the canvas to my home made cardboard easel.

“Racing cardboard”: a GAZ Volga contemplates its mortality

4 thoughts on “Sunset on the Volga or ars moriendi

  1. Oh I love this one Phil! The ‘ winsome- wonderful context in which to use this word- Gaz Jon is forever on that car site looking at older Merc’s and Jag’s and stuff…toying with his imagination and preparing for when the 1988 Merc we have will finally carc it! Wonder if her is familiarity with your little beauty. Will certainly ask him..Who ould help but love that gear shift…reminds me of all our childhood and teenage hood cars!

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    1. Thanks Bonney! I am glad you like it. The gear stick on the steering wheel is what caught my eye too. I remember my Mum wrestling with a ‘three on the tree.’ It was a bit of a handful to manage, but you knew when you had changed gear.


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