A haiku in mild steel

When you paint a tin opener you have to look at it. That is when, if you are like me, you realise for the first time how efficient it is. A few parts are riveted together and nothing is wasted, nothing superfluous. The simple twist to the handle combines maximum downward force on the cutting blade with comfort for the user. It has the elegance of a well-turned haiku, but – unlike a haiku – it can open a tin of baked beans.

Painted on a loose canvas sheet, thumbtacked to cardboard. You can see the thumbtacks in the corners. Thumbtacks: now there is a machine it would be hard to improve on.

Elegance, ingenuity, and practicality for a total price of $2.95 (GST included).

12 thoughts on “A haiku in mild steel

    1. Thanks Claudia. I remember my parents bought a fancy electric can opener many many years ago. The classic can opener was consigned to the fourth drawer down. Sure enough, when the electric can opener broke, the classic came back and resumed its proper place. You cannot improve on perfection.

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      1. You know, I always wished our family had an electric can opener and we never got one so we used the old faithful for all my growing up years (or else old faithful and his descendents). You are right. Some things cannot be made better.

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      2. You were fortunate not to get one of the electric ones. It also featured a grinding wheel that purported to sharpen knives. I did my mum a favour one day and ‘sharpened’ all her knives on that wretched machine. Blunted the lot.


      3. OMG. Sadly, that sounds so familiar – because I have memories of appliances or devices with super powers that when we tried them, they disappointed. Why this is, I guess it is due to advertising – we beieve and we buy? I am laughing now that I think of a couple of similar things that did not live up to their reputations…and ones that did, such as the fridge my parents had for 36 years…(yes, really)

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      4. 36 years! That is impressive. There is a man in Melbourne who claims that the TV he bought in 1976 is still working. I wonder what shows he sees on it? Kojak and the Streets of San Francisco?

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