Coffee and an ellipse?

Frequent readers may recall that I – like most people – find it difficult to draw ellipses. I have difficulty spelling them too. So, why not try painting four of them in a single picture?

I ran out of Gamblin Naples Yellow Hue. I liked its opacity, but do not miss its consistency; it was a bit too stiff and starchy for me. Winsor and Newton’s Naples Yellow is a beautiful alternative: a rich caramel colour, juicy with oil. It is warm and mellow, and took my mind off the ellipses. Combined with an underpainting of Gamblin Burnt Sienna, it made this painting a tactile pleasure to make.

The canvas I used was picked up from amongst the traffic cones and jousting poles on sale at Aldi. Several layers of sealing it with good, heavy gesso later, it presented a very pleasant, smooth surface.

6 thoughts on “Coffee and an ellipse?

    1. What a great idea! Thanks Chris, I will try that. The internet can be a mixed bag, but I am so grateful to be part of a sort-of community where people from around the world can share support and ideas like this.

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