Quicksilver delicacy of a lug nut cover

One of the advantages of living near a main road is that the footpaths are strewn with interesting bits and pieces that have spun off, blown off, or been smashed off the horseless carriages that so heedlessly hurtle by.  I once found a crude painting of a nude on panel.  I am particularly fond of cast-off hubcaps, especially from Fiats.

It has always struck me as surprising that ‘big rig’ prime mover trucks have pin-stripe paint jobs, with delicate curlicues decorating every flat, boxy panel.  It is like seeing a finely wrought silver chain on a man’s thick, hairy sunburnt wrist.  Not necessarily unwelcome, just not expected.

These trucks also have chromed covers for the lug nuts that hold the wheels to the axles.  A tiny decorative touch on a juggernaut.  One of these covers centrifuged into the gutter, for me to paint …

Lug nut cover

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