5 thoughts on “The ring of confidence

  1. This is nice ring as well as your work, lots of details. When I first time visited San Francisco, confidence and freedom are two words I can see in everyone’s face over there 😄

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  2. I remember our high school class rings (I did not get one) and marveled, as you did, at the sheer in your face bigness of them, even the ones for girls, which were somewhat smaller but still monumental. My college ring was a small signet in gold, I think, but I didn’t get it either (I didn’t want one, but, if I had, I clearly remember it cost $85 and that was way beyond anything I could afford.) Class rings are certainly an iconic form of their own and I love this painting – as you see it really brought back memories, and looking at it I can feel the weight of the ring in my hand!


    1. Thanks Claudia, this is really interesting. I find it fascinating to see what different things different people value. In Australia there really is nothing like these rings, but graduating is treated as a very important occasion. However, when I studied in the UK, lots of people never even bothered to graduate; it was sufficient for them to have finished their final exams. People are so varied and interesting!

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      1. Yes. Once again it is so much the context of things. And as for those HS or college rings, you were saying something about yourself if you actually wore it, and for how long, which is full of subtle gradations in itself.!

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