Something sacred in the sock drawer

A little over a hundred years ago, my grandfather’s brother was killed on the Western Front.  He was painfully young.  His record will tell you his personal effects included a teddy bear.  My grandfather, younger still, made it home.  Like lots of people, he kept sacred things in a dresser drawer.  This is what one corner of it looked like.

Pip squeak and Wilfred final

2 thoughts on “Something sacred in the sock drawer

  1. Aloha Phil – Antonia from ‘work’ shared with me your farewell note and your art link. So many hidden talents! Male modelling and now THIS! 😀 I must say I started with this particular painting and your blog on it made me have a little cry. You don’t have to scratch the surface hard when it comes to war stories and the young men who were killed.


  2. Western Front, to me, seems only linked to history books, and movies. Respectful works reminding us the crucial fact of war and gratitude of the peace, including the present.


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