Is it a weed? Is it art?

Morning Glory vines and graffiti provoke complex reactions. Both can be beautiful but, as a gardener might put it, ‘in the wrong place can be invasive.’ It seems both favour ‘disturbed ground’, and our local building site is proof. Here is what it looked like early one morning; as its name suggests, Morning Glory is not an afternoon person.

Morning Glory

2 thoughts on “Is it a weed? Is it art?

  1. Starring at this morning glory, in my favourite purple colour (a shade mixed up of blue and some drops of red), recklessly claimed home of a graffitied wall, something reaching out from the bottom of my heart…the freedom , the crazyniess, the untouched beauty….the real home….of a spirit.


    1. Thanks! I’m very glad you like it. I too am very fond of purple flowers. We have a purple bougainvillea just outside the front door. It has long, vicious thorns that frequently spike the unsuspecting, but the flowers are worth the bloodshed.

      Amazingly, I painted this picture many months ago but the very intense purple paint is not quite dry yet.


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